Hi! My name is Sang Lee and welcome to my fashion blog Freelydressed. I always had a thing for fashion but I was not able to go into the fashion field due to two reasons.

#1. Parents’ disagreement. They wanted me to go into medical field. I did find health science interesting, so I did major in health science.

#2. I was planning to attend a fashion school after I graduate college. However, after I graduated and obtained a bachelor degree in health science, I was going through serious health condition due to having West Nile Virus. I’m still not 100 percent recovered but I’m all better now. It took me about a year to get back on my feet and start working. So due to the incident, I missed out on the chance of going to fashion school.

After my physical recovery, I got into reading fashion blogs. One day I made my mom take a photo of me in my apartment and ever since then it became my hobby to upload outfit pictures on my Instagram.

About 2 months after, I received my first invitation to Marissa Webb Fashion Show on February 2016. I packed my luggage and flew to New York by myself for the first time. Now I think about it, It was really scary but I was way more excited than I was scared. By the way, that winter was really brutal. Seeing Marissa Webb fashion show in person was unforgettable. I saw lots of fashionistas, flashing lights, high energy, beautiful models, and beautiful clothes. After overhearing a conversation between bloggers,  I realized that everyone has a blog except me.

So here I am now,launching my fashion blog “Freelydressed” to show you my unique style. I receive different comments about my style. Some says I’m being extra or doing the most, but some also says it’s unique and different. Being different is a good thing. I love to style unique outfits and I don’t care what people think about my outfits as long as I’m happy. I dress freely to make me feel happy.

On my blog, you’ll see my love for mix of print and little bit of unexpectedness.  I hope to give you an idea of how to incorporate prints into your outfit and play with different kinds of silhouette. I also hope that you gain some inspiration to help you define your own style.